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At Sparkways, we strongly believe in the power of representation and inclusivity and are determined to better walk beside our indigenous colleagues, children, young people and families. We recognise our role in building a diverse, equitable, and thriving society. It is with this conviction that we support the Voice to Parliament initiative.

The Voice to Parliament proposes a constitutional amendment aimed at establishing a platform for Indigenous peoples to have their voices heard at the highest levels of governance in our nation. This initiative aligns deeply with our core values of inclusion, commitment, and inspiration, driving us to strive for greater achievements and a better future for the children and young people we support.

We believe that Indigenous peoples, as the First Nations people of this land, deserve a formal and appropriate avenue to engage in meaningful conversations within the federal parliament. This will enable them to share their insights, cultures, traditions, and experiences. Moreover, it presents a significant opportunity to rectify historical injustices, promote their rights, preserve their culture, and participate in the decision-making processes that shape our country.

The Voice to Parliament is not just about giving First Nations peoples a seat at the table; it's about acknowledging and honouring their role in our nation's history and future. It's about recognising their resilience, wisdom, and heritage, and ensuring that these attributes resonate within our legislative processes.

Sparkways takes great pride in lending our voice to this important cause. This Reconciliation Week along with the development of our first organisation-wide Reconciliation Action Plan, we have made a commitment to celebrate all voices to build a brighter and more inclusive future together.

For more information on the Voice to Parliament go to this website.