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The real difference a mentor can make

Get to know the people at the heart of our mentoring program, from the amazing young people to the passionate and dedicated mentors.

Though each story is different, they are all inspiring. Every story highlights the real difference and impact a mentor can have in helping a young person build and nurture their sense of confidence, resilience and independence.

Click below to read more about the real people and stories behind our mentoring program.

Chris & Harry

Chris was very anxious and hesitant when he was first introduced to our mentoring program, however after being matched with Harry the two have since developed a beautiful friendship.

Find out how Harry helped Chris with his anxiety and how not even a seven-month lockdown could stop such a great mentoring relationship!

Tiffany & Carly

Being a great mentor doesn't always have to be about fun activities or games. Oftentimes, all a mentor needs to do to support their young person is to be there to talk, to give guidance and, most importantly, to listen.

And no story highlights this more than Tiffany and Carly's!

Read on to see what makes these two such an inspiring mentoring story.

Neil & Liam

We often talk about how mentoring has the power to make a lasting difference in a young person's life. But did you know that mentors also get a lot from the experience too?

Since being matched in our program, Neil and Liam have supported, empowered and helped each other grow by leaps and bounds.

See why mentoring is such a rewarding and fulfilling experience for everyone involved.

Interested in Mentoring?

Find out everything you need to know about becoming a Sparkways Mentor and how you can make a truly lasting impact on a young person’s life!

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