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About the Program

For the time being, we are currently focused on providing our mentoring program to young people in Western Melbourne, Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. We welcome volunteers living in these areas or neighbouring suburbs who are willing to travel fortnightly into these areas for the program.

We encourage mentors to work with their young person to find activities that interest and excite them both. You may choose to do the same activity each week or try a variety of activities over the year. Activities do not need to be elaborate or expensive to offer great value to our young people.

Once you have graduated from your match, you no longer catch up with your mentee. If you have enjoyed the experience of being a mentor, we encourage you to volunteer with us again and support a new young person.

Our program coordinators make matches based on a mentor and young person’s mutual interests and hobbies.

Volunteer Mentors

To ensure the health and safety of our young people, we cover a number of topics in our training such as Child Safety, Being a Mentor and the Mentoring Relationship, Youth Development, Positive Communication and Cultural Diversity. Group discussions and mentor input throughout the training is highly encouraged.

If you aren’t able to commit to 12 months you may like to consider supporting our program by making a donation here, or even potentially getting your organisation involved.

You should be able to commit at least two hours a week for a period of 12 months. However, we understand that there may be the occasional week in a year where you may not be available due to holidays or other commitments. Make sure to keep in mind that it takes real time and energy to develop a great mentoring relationship.

You don’t need any special skills or experience but you will need to successfully complete our screening and reference check process.

To give our young people and mentors the best experience possible we limit mentors to one match at a time.

Mentors must be at least 21 years of age at the time of applying. We do not have an upper age cut off. In fact many of our mentors are retirees putting their newfound free time to good use!

No, We encourage that our mentors and young people pay their own way and therefore suggest no cost or low cost activities, when planning catch ups and outings.

We hold a graduation ceremony at the end of the program to recognise the achievements of our mentors and mentees.

If you have enjoyed the experience of becoming a mentor, we encourage you to volunteer with us again and support a new young person.

While it does make it easier to match you with a young person and for your weekly catch ups, it is not necessary that you have a driver’s licence and/or a car. Just advise us that you will be using public transport and we will take this into account when matching you with a young person.

Referrals for Mentees

There is no cost to the young person. Our programs are funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, generous Trusts & Foundations, and individual donors.

There is no fee for service for any young person to join our mentoring program. However, costs for outings and catch ups are covered by the young person and the mentor, therefore low or no-cost activities are encouraged.

To be considered for our youth mentoring programs young people will need to be referred by a health or youth professional. The young person should be:

  • Between 7-20 years of age
  • Known to Child Protection or meet the definition of a child in need of protection
  • Living in Western Melbourne, Frankston or the Mornington Peninsula

Young people are referred to us by health or youth professionals involved in supporting the young person. Full details about referring a young person can be found here.

Our program coordinators make matches based on a mentor and young person’s mutual interests and hobbies.