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One-to-one youth mentoring is all about forming meaningful, trusting connections between mentees and mentors.

The 12-month program includes weekly or fortnightly catch-ups during which young people are supported to set goals, try out new things and, most importantly, have fun.

Our one-to-one youth mentoring program is designed to support and empower young people who want a positive role model in their lives.

Working together with each young person and their family, we take great care in ensuring that they are matched to the right mentor based on their personality, shared interests and location.

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Our one-to-one youth mentoring program works by pairing a young person with a carefully selected and trained volunteer mentor for a period of 12 months.

Over the course of the year, and with the support of a program coordinator, the young person and their mentor catch up at least once a fortnight for a minimum of two hours, to enjoy a fun activity together. These activities can be anything from rock-climbing and playing in the park, or just simply hanging out in the library and talking, it can be whatever it is they’re interested in doing. On the weeks when they don't catch up in person, the mentee and mentor are encouraged to have a short conversation over the phone

In developing a stable and trusting relationship with a mentor, young people are given the crucial support and encouragement they need to develop their own sense of independence, resilience, and self-confidence.

Every day we see the positive impact mentoring has on the lives of our young people and we are very happy to say that after completing the program:

  • 100% of young people report feeling happier, and more confident after being matched with a mentor for a year.
  • 78% of young people report knowing about how to support their friends
  • 82% of young people say they are more aware of how to take care of their own needs
  • 75% of young people know more about how to look after their own wellbeing
  • 70% of young people report an interest in pursuing further education

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Match activity days are fun events organised by Sparkways for our amazing young people and mentors.

These activity days are a great opportunity for mentors and young people to meet others in the program to share their experiences and celebrate their successes.

At the end of the 12-month program, our mentors and young people officially graduate from the program!

To celebrate, we hold a graduation ceremony to recognise the amazing achievements of our young people and volunteer mentors. The ceremony is usually incorporated into the Match Activity Days with our current matches also joining in the event to celebrate the many achievements of those graduating.

Can you be the spark of change in a young person’s life?