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If you’re a professional health or youth worker supporting a young person who meets the following criteria you can make a referral to our program:

A young person is:

  • Between 7-20 years of age
  • Is currently involved with, or known to, Child Protection
  • Living in Western Melbourne.

We regret that we cannot take referrals from family members or the general public. However, if you are seeking support for a young person in your family we can help you with connections to other services.

The Referral Process

  1. The first step is to simply get in touch with us. You can submit an online enquiry through our contact page, or you can contact us directly at
  2. After collecting the young person’s information from you, our program coordinators will assess if we can support the young person. If our program is not the right fit, our program coordinator will assist you with information on other services.
  3. After receiving consent from the young person and their family we’ll get to work to finding the best possible match for them. We are committed to successfully matching young people and this can take time based on mentor availability.
  4. Once we’ve found the young person a match we’ll inform you that the young person’s participation in the program has commenced.

Get in touch if you would like to refer a young person for the program