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Sparkways is proud to partner with some of Australia’s leading brands in empowering our young people

Join our corporate partnership program and help brighten the lives of Victoria's children and young people, while also receiving many benefits as an official Sparkways partner such as:

As a valued partner, we'll do everything we can to support those who support us. Partnerships strengthen so much of what Sparkways does, from the purchase of cleaning services to supplying the means for us to upgrade playground equipment.

With over 40 Early Learning centres, a strong state-wide reach and a long history of serving the community, engaging our audience and informing them of your involvement will bring your brand to the fore.

Give morale a boost by engaging your staff in a cause they can feel proud to support. By getting your organisation involved, you'll be giving your employees a fun and rewarding opportunity to strengthen their teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. We'll also create opportunities for your workforce to understand how their support enables Sparkways to support thousands of Victorians.

The people in the communities could be your customers or employees in the future, if they aren't already. Becoming a Sparkways provides your organisation with an excellent opportunity to engage and support the community you are already serving and a part of.

Partnering with Sparkways may help you achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility targets and we can work with you to tailor a partnership that works for you.

Workplace Giving is a simple way for employees and employers to regularly contribute to their community through automated payroll deductions, gaining immediate tax deduction benefits, and therefore no need to keep receipts and claim at a later date.

Contact us now to find out how we can make workplace giving easy for you as an employer or employee.

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We can work with you to provide corporate volunteering experiences for your employees that are both educational and rewarding. The sorts of activities you can look forward to undertaking will depend upon the number of volunteers involved but can include group mentoring, event hosting, and adding a bit of sparkle to one of our playgrounds

Get in touch with us today for more information on how your organisation can get involved through corporate volunteering.

As a Social Traders certified social enterprise, Sparkways offers a variety of high quality services from commercial cleaning to grounds maintenance.

Our Social Enterprise creates jobs and training opportunities for disadvantaged youth by breaking down the barriers preventing them from realising their potential.

By engaging our services, your business can benefit from our outstanding commitment to quality while also meeting your social procurement targets by making an active contribution to reducing unemployment amongst marginalised young people.

Inspire and engage the young people in our mentoring programs by arranging an excursion to your workplace. These types of experiences can be invaluable in helping our young people realise their potential and provide them with the inspiration and direction they need for their own careers.

We'll work together with your organisation to design excursions and programs that meet the needs of our young people and supports your own values and goals at the same time.

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You can always support us by contributing your organisation's professional skills and expertise in areas such as finance, marketing, human resources, administration, construction, and legal advice.

Not only does this provide an excellent opportunity for team-building, improving employee morale, and supporting your staff's professional development, but it also help you attract and retain top talent for your company.

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