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Over the last 140 years, and as we live the legacy of our founder, William Forster, Sparkways has had a powerful impact on young people's lives.

The Mentoring Program supports young people that are involved in the child protection system, and Fletcher is at the centre of so much of what happens with the program. Let Fletcher talk to you about how the program works, who it helps and how.

"These young people have had it pretty tough and often need a role model that they can look up to so Sparkways really focuses on connecting the youth with a mentor that can help them in the long run." Fletcher Curnow

Learn more about Sparkways, find out more about our Mentoring Program and how you can help, or find an Early Learning Service near you.

A word from our host: I’m Nicole Azzopardi – journalist and mum – and I can tell you – I’ve got questions!

Join me, as I gather parenting and education experts from near and far – all geared up to help with the tips and tricks we’ve been looking for to help keep the spark alive in every child.