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A full-day of learning and play with friends in a place that feels like home.

As the first and longest-running childcare in the area, we are very proud to be serving the Whittlesea community for nearly 30 years!

Located in the heart of Whittlesea, our centre offers quality Long Day Care as well as an independent Kindergarten program you can trust.

As a community and not-for-profit organisation, we believe that every child deserves access to a quality early childhood education. That's why the Sparkways Early Learning Whittlesea team are always striving to enrich the lives and identities of every child and family, with the aim to promoting each child’s sense of 'belonging, being, and becoming'.

Recognising that all children are individuals with their own unique learning styles, our play-based program has been carefully crafted to cater to each child's personal learning style. Based on the Early Years Framework, Whittlesea educators are constantly engaging children with spontaneous, open-ended, play-based, and natural opportunities to foster a lifelong love for learning.

We also believe that it is important to support and advocate for families within our centre. We value and respect the fact that our families are the most important people in their children’s lives and we always encourage parents and guardians to contribute their ideas, interests, and questions to our program.

As the first and longest-running childcare in the area, we also have deep roots and a long history of working with and supporting the local community, with relationships that extend beyond the walls of the centre.

Full of natural light and surrounded by trees, our centre creates a welcoming environment for families in our semi-rural township and surroundings; acknowledging the Wurundjeri people as the traditional owners of this land.

Upon arriving at Sparkways Early Learning Whittlesea, you'll find stimulating and beautiful environments both indoors and outdoors with plenty of opportunities for your child to play and explore. Through daily practices, we also encourage children to understand the issues of recycling and conservation to foster an appreciation of the natural environment and the world in which they live.

  • Each room has its own dedicated outdoor sensory play area. Our Kindergarten room has a sensory play area with a mud kitchen, fruit trees, and a stone creek
  • We have our own vegetable garden where we grow produce that is used in daily meals
  • We're located next to the library and across from the Whittlesea Community garden
  • The centre has lots of natural shade, trees, and shrubs

We offer the following rooms:

Laurel Street Kindergarten believes in an emergent linking curriculum with a balance of structured and spontaneous, child-initiated and adult-supported learning experiences. The play and workspaces are designed to be inviting and open for children to develop their own learning. They can do this by bringing their knowledge and ideas through creativity, imagination, and reflection. The kindergarten program is enhanced with natural resources and sustainability practices.

Please note a separate enrolment is required to attend the funded Laurel Street Kindergarten. From 2023 kindergarten fees are fully subsidised by the Victorian Government, saving parents over $2,000 in fees for preschool eductaion.

The Echidna room is a calm, quiet and safe environment where young children can enjoy secure relationships with educators and other children. It is a place where children can develop their connections, build trust and have their daily care needs met. The room is an active place where children can engage in new experiences based on their age, stage of development and interests as they further develop their sensory, motor and social skills.

The Kangaroo room is play based and led by the children’s interests. Educators provide a diverse range of experiences and activities to support each child’s ability to explore and learn. The room is a safe and supporting space designed around toddlers' emerging sense of identity. Children are encouraged to be independent and take responsibility for themselves while always having access to knowledgeable and trained educators for one-on-one time to provide guidance and reassurance.

The Wombat room provides children with infinite opportunities to interact, engage and work collaboratively, as well as encouraging the development of their own independent learning. Children in this room have developed into independent learners and are becoming more capable with their self-help skills. Through the program, educators provide opportunities for children to practice and care for their own needs. The program is play based and aims to expose children to different ideas, opinions, interests and skills to grow each individual child’s curiosity and knowledge.

At our childcare centre, you’ll find that our facilities have been built with your child’s needs and safety in mind no matter their age. We are fully equipped to handle everything from nappies and bottles to nap time and excursions!

With our team of highly qualified and experienced educators, you can expect:

  • High-quality long daycare catering for 6 weeks old infants to 6 years old children (up to school-starting age)
  • Onsite independent kindergarten program (Laurel Street Kindergarten)
  • Orientation program to build trust between the child, carer and parent(s)
  • Responsible pet program
  • StoryPark account to help parents keep in touch with staff and keep track of their child’s development
  • Free regular visits from dentists and podiatrists for healthy teeth and feet.
  • New and modern facilities that boast plenty of natural light
  • Healthy meals cooked on-site by a dedicated cook (included in fees).
  • Large outdoor play area and sustainable vegetable patch

Led by Centre Director Kelly Mills, our staff are a warm caring and strong team, with a balance of ages and many years of experience. We have some staff who have been working with us for over 20 years and we have a staff member on board who once attended the kindergarten herself as a child! She's our homegrown talent and a true reflection of our community.

Our centre recognises and supports our valued educators for their knowledge, professionalism, and life experiences. Educators work collaboratively, engaging in ongoing reflective practice and constant professional development. Families have peace of mind in knowing that all staff are qualified with early childhood training in first aid techniques such as CPR, how to deal with asthma, and anaphylactic management.

Our staff is also dedicated to supporting children with additional needs and working with parents on ways to equip them with emotional and physical support.

Opening Hours

6.45am – 6:15pm, Monday to Friday

Age Daily Fee
Under 3 Year Olds $133
Over 3 Year Olds $131

Our daily fees include freshly prepared meals, bottles, nappies, bedding, incursions, and excursions.

  • We facilitate regular excursions to meet with the members of our community, to explore and learn about how our society works at the following places:
    • Fire station
    • Library
    • Whittlesea community garden
  • We also offer a monthly intergenerational care activity with TLC Aged Care, with the program consisting of reading and music time which is greatly enjoyed by all.
  • Each year, children and families are encouraged to take part in the Whittlesea annual art show, a wonderful community tradition!

Children enrolled in sessional Kinder bring their own lunchboxes, with all meals being provided for those in long day care and all dietary needs being catered for.

We also use our very own veggie garden to offer educational programs around healthy eating and where food comes from to empower the children to make good nutritional choices. We have a strong focus on fresh and nutritional food, which we grow ourselves wherever we can.

  • We offer a free visiting dentist and podiatrist for healthy teeth and feet.
  • Our Kindergarten group has also just started doing Yoga and meditation, which they love.
  • Our veggie patch provides opportunities to learn about sustainability, connection to the seasons, and where food comes from.

We are committed to providing a stimulating and caring environment for all infants and children in our care. Through collaboration with our local community, we encourage exploration while embracing diversity and community inclusion in our play-based programs and activities:

  • Painting
  • Sensory play and playdough
  • Water play
  • Construction
  • Home corner and dramatic play

For full Shop-a-docket Terms and Conditions, click here.

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