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Every day is an opportunity for discovery and growth at Melton West Preschool

Melton West Preschool has been part of the community for more than 50 years. Our passion is to provide high-quality early education for all members of the community and assist children to reach their full potential in a play-based environment.

We believe play is critical to the development of children through exploration, discovery and learning about their world. This in turn teaches them to learn about others and develop confident identities of themselves.

Through play we aim to provide opportunity for children to explore a wide range of experiences and gain skills to help develop their self-confidence, communication and a deeper understanding of the world in which they live.

Within our learning environment, children can develop a sense of community and group identity, as well as strengthening individual identity.

We aim to empower children with the skills, attitudes and knowledge that will help them to develop mutually respectful and rewarding relationships with people who are similar to and different from themselves.

We aim to support and nurture each child’s sense of ‘Being, Belonging & Becoming’.

Located next door to the Melton West Primary School is our two-room kindergarten. We are part of the Melton West Community Centre which also includes a Maternal Health Nurse and a community room for local playgroups.

We have an extensive playground featuring a wide range of climbing equipment, sandpit, swings and cubby house. Our garden provides native trees and plants including a vegetable garden for the children to maintain.

Our service believes in the importance of indoor and outdoor learning spaces. We value sustainability and the influence it brings to taking care of the environment.

Begin the Adventure at Melton West Preschool

  • 4 year old kindergarten
  • 3 year old kindergarten
  • Storypark to see the wonderful thing your child participates in at kinder
  • Large outdoor play area and vegetable patch
  • Community connections

Melton West Preschool prides itself on having a strong team of educators who have been working together for a number of years. We are dedicated in providing high-quality education and care to children throughout their many developmental stages. Each team member provides their own set of skills that we incorporate across our centre to build upon and form best practices.

We believe every child deserves a quality education and advocate for all children to be included in our programs.

Purple Group
• Wednesday, 9am - 2pm

Green Group
• Thursday, 9am - 2pm

Blue Group
• Monday & Thursday, 8.15am - 3.45pm

Orange Group
• Monday & Wednesday, 8.30am - 4pm

Red Group
• Tuesday & Friday, 8.15am - 3.45pm

Yellow Group
• Tuesday & Friday, 8.30am - 4pm

Green Group
• Wednesday, 9am - 2pm

Purple Group
• Friday, 9am - 2pm

Blue Group
• Monday & Wednesday, 8.15am - 3.45pm

Orange Group
• Monday & Thursday, 8.30am - 4pm

Red Group
• Tuesday & Friday, 8.30am - 4pm

Yellow Group
• Tuesday & Thursday, 8.15am - 3.45pm

Your child will be eligible to access free or low-cost kindergarten in any of the following circumstances:

  1. your child is identified by a parent, carer or legal guardian as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  2. your child is identified on their birth certificate as being a multiple birth child (triplets or more)
  3. your child holds, or has a parent or guardian who holds, one of the following:
  4. a Commonwealth Health Care Card
  5. a Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card
  6. a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card or White Card
  7. eligible Refugee or Asylum Seeker visa
  • 3YO Green Group - $165
  • 3YO Purple Group - $165

Every child is an individual and will meet milestones at different times. As such children do not have to be toilet trained to attend kindergarten.

As your child begins to show an interest in the toilet, please talk with the educators in our kindergarten. We will work with you and assist in any way we can. When you begin toilet training, pack many changes of clothes as we may have accidents along the way.

  • 4YO Blue Group - $500
  • 4YO Orange Group - $500
  • 4YO Red Group - $500
  • 4YO Yellow Group - $500

As a sun-safe organisation we provide child-friendly sunscreen, however if your child has sensitive skin please feel free to provide your preferred brand.

Begin the Adventure at Melton West Preschool

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