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Fuelling potential to learn, earn and thrive.

Today, 1 in 3 young Australians are unemployed or underemployed. The efforts of this are felt hardest by those with barriers to the mainstream job market, such as refugees, people with disabilities or youth at risk.

Through an empowering program model, we provide employment readiness support, on the job experience and employment pathways for young people facing barriers to entering the workforce and maintaining employment. By providing an understating and holistic approach in a way that other employers aren't able, we empower our young workers to develop the personal and professional skills they need to learn, earn and thrive.

For Young People

We know that a job is much more than just a pay-check. Work provides independence, a sense of belonging, and important social connections in adult life.

For a young person, especially those with a history of disadvantage or vulnerability, employment can be a pathway to building positive mental health, important social connections, and the confidence and skills to contribute and participate.

Young people who have experienced disadvantage often face barriers to employment. Employment is more than money in your pocket. It's an opportunity to learn new skills, build social connections, self confidence and financial stability.

For Businesses

By engaging our services your business can use it’s buying power to actively contribute to reducing unemployment amongst marginalised young people, delivering true social value to the community.

For the Community

Work pays off for everyone. For decades, we’ve worked together with governments, businesses and organisations across Victoria, to support young people find meaningful work that allows them to contribute and grow together with their communities.

Australia is facing a crisis of youth unemployment and underemployment.

Young people are disproportionately affected by unemployment in Australia, with youth unemployment rates more than double the national average. Despite being willing and able to work, many young people are finding more barriers to entering the workforce than ever before.

According to recent research:

  • 1 in 3 young people are unemployed or underemployed. Having so many young people out of the workforce costs our economy 790 million lost hours of work each year, equating to up to $15.9 billion in lost GDP to the Australian economy annually. (Source)
  • Failure to find a job early in life can have serious and long-lasting implications on a young person’s potential to find secure employment later in life. (Source)
  • There is a direct correlation between rising unemployment rates and the increase of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and stress amongst young people. (Source)

At Sparkways, our Social Enterprise tackles these issues by creating jobs and training opportunities, and empowering young people so they can learn, earn and thrive.

By supporting the complex needs of our young workers we enable them to connect or reconnect with the workforce and achieve long-term employment outcomes.

All our young workers are provided with:

  • Training and development
  • A fair working wage
  • An inclusive and diverse workplace where they feel safe, valued and supported
  • Connections to allied services to provide wrap-around support when needed
  • Springboard opportunities into full-time positions with our partner network

High-quality services with a social conscience