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Sparkways (formerly known as TRY Australia) has announced the appointment of Estelle O’Callaghan as the Board Chair of the Melbourne-based not for profit.

Estelle O’Callaghan will be leading the Sparkways Board into the future and brings her extensive experience in strategy and creating positive change. With her focus on problem-solving and experience with not-for-profit clients, Ms. O’Callaghan is well-positioned to work with the Sparkways team to achieve the organisation's impact ambitions.

James Meares has been the Chair of the Sparkways Board for over six years and has seen the organisation through notable change. Estelle O’Callaghan’s appointment will allow the incumbent, Mr Meares, to focus on other projects.

Sparkways CEO, Daniel Findley, thanked James Meares for his role as Chair.

“I would like to thank James for the commitment he has shown to Sparkways in his time as Board Chair.”

“James Meares remained in his role throughout COVID lockdowns when the organisation was required to pivot to remain in operation. His passion and enthusiasm have focussed the organisation on delivering optimal impact, for the length of his tenure.”

"Sparkways is a fine organisation, and it has been an absolute pleasure to serve as Director and Chair over the last 6 years,” said James Meares “I wish incoming Chair Estelle O’Callaghan and Sparkways all the best for the future."

Estelle O’Callaghan commented “James has made a significant contribution over the past 6 years. I am looking forward to working with my fellow Board Directors and the Executive team to make Sparkways’ future even brighter.”

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