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Every child deserves an education, regardless of their circumstances

According to a report by the Australian Council of Social Service, one in six children in Australia live below the poverty line, with young children under five years old being especially affected because of how much the brain develops in the early years.

We know for a fact that early education matters and that missing out on kindergarten can lead to significant developmental delays for young children, increased risk of long-term health issues, and becoming trapped in a cycle of poverty and disadvantage. Unfortunately though, sometimes it can be difficult for vulnerable children to get access to that education.

That’s why our Family Support Facilitator team is here to help.

Need support? Our Family Support Facilitators can help

The Sparkways Family Support Facilitator Team is here to help vulnerable families overcome any barriers preventing them from accessing Kindergarten.

We believe we have an important role to play, and that's ensuring vulnerable children always have access to safe environments and life-changing education.

At all times, our focus is on supporting the safety, health, development, and learning of all children attending Sparkways Early Learning.*

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By working closely with families, and taking the time to understand their unique challenges and difficulties, we can help identify the right solution for them.

Our team takes great care in maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of all families we work with to treat them with the utmost respect and care.

*Please note that this service is exclusive to Sparkways Early Learning.

We understand that vulnerability can come in a variety of forms and can happen to anyone for any number of reasons. Our role here is not to judge in any way, but to ensure that children are being given every possible opportunity to succeed in life.

Each family's circumstances are unique and our Family Support Facilitator team strives to find the right solution for each family. Oftentimes we’ll work together with staff, local communities and other organisations so that families and their children can maintain access to Kindergarten.

Some examples of support we provide are:

  • Kindergarten Enrolment & Participation - By working together with your child's educators, we can support your family's continued access and participation to Kindergarten by helping fill out forms, arranging for interpreter services, and even organising transport.
  • Parenting Support - Our team can help identify parenting services, training and information in your local community and online.
  • Community Connection - We can provide support to access groups within your local community such as parenting support groups, cultural groups, church, and other groups.
  • Social Participation - Connecting you with sporting activity, social activities, or play groups within your community.
  • Referrals to Other Services - We can provide referrals to services for mental health support, counselling, food, financial and clothing.
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You may like to call a Family Support Facilitator directly or ask your child’s teacher to have one contact you.

You can arrange for our Family Support Facilitators to contact you via phone, video call, but we can also meet with you at your child’s Kindergarten, Early Learning Centre, or a nearby public place such as a café, community centre, library or park.