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Every day is an opportunity for discovery and growth at South Yarra Preschool

South Yarra Preschool is situated on the ground floor of the Horace Petty Estate in South Yarra and has a proud history of working with and supporting families from this area and the extended community.

South Yarra Preschool is situated on Boon Wurrung land and is part of the Kulin Nation. We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, the Boon Wurrung people and pay our respects to its elders both past and present on whose land the kindergarten stands for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and hopes of Indigenous Australians. The kindergarten is strongly committed to ensuring that the program fosters Indigenous children to feel proud of their heritage and culture and for non-indigenous children, families and staff to gain a greater understanding and respect for this culture.

The outdoor setting of the kindergarten is a very important part of our program. We believe the outdoor play area offers equal learning opportunities and the outdoor environment is carefully planned and set up to support and encourage all aspects of children’s learning; for this reason we run an indoor/outdoor program.

At South Yarra Preschool we pride ourselves on presenting an innovative, exciting program that enables children to grow, learn and develop in a supportive, nurturing and stimulating environment. We view children as powerful and capable and we aim to promote children’s voices and interests in our program.

Building positive and caring relationships form the basis of our work at this centre. We believe that children learn through relationships with people, places and the environment and that these relationships are built on trust and respect. Our kindergarten is committed to social justice and ensuring that all children have the right to quality services and programs.

Begin the Adventure at South Yarra Preschool

Children build on their understanding about the world through their interactions with other children, adults and their environment.

The educational program is guided by: The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. (VEYLDF). Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework For Australia.

The educational program contributes to the following outcomes for each child:

  • Identity – Children will have a strong sense of identity.
  • Community – Children will be connected with and contribute to their world.
  • Wellbeing – Children will have a strong sense of wellbeing.
  • Learning – Children will be confident and involved learners.
  • Communication – Children will be effective communicators.

3YO Group
• Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, 9.30am - 2.30pm

4YO Group
• Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, 9.30am - 2.30pm

he Victorian Government provides funding to support children to access a high quality kindergarten program in the two years before they start school. This helps to ensure all Victorian children get the best start in life.

From 2023, the Victorian Government is making kindergarten programs free for three and four-year-old children – saving you and your family up to $2,500 per year for their program. Free Kinder is a critical component of the Victorian Government’s Best Start, Best Life reform.

Every child is an individual and will meet milestones at different times. As such children do not have to be toilet trained to attend kindergarten.

As your child begins to show an interest in the toilet, please talk with the educators in our kindergarten. We will work with you and assist in any way we can. When you begin toilet training, pack many changes of clothes as we may have accidents along the way.

As a sun-safe organisation we provide child-friendly sunscreen, however if your child has sensitive skin please feel free to provide your preferred brand.

Begin the Adventure at South Yarra Preschool

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