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Begin the adventure with us today!

Every day is an opportunity for discovery and growth at Parkwood Green Preschool

At Parkwood Green Preschool, we acknowledge the uniqueness of every child and family within our culturally diverse community, and we value our partnerships with families and commit to building our cultural competence within the kindergarten community and beyond.

At Parkwood Green Preschool we believe that all children have the right to reach their full potential as learners. We aim to provide a learning environment where children’s interests and natural curiosity drives our curriculum development and future learning experiences.

We believe play is central to young children's learning and provides an authentic means for children to develop positive dispositions towards learning. We acknowledge the uniqueness of every child and family within our culturally diverse community, and we value our partnerships with families and commit to building our cultural competence within the kindergarten community and beyond.

Children’s learning environments allow for them to interact with people, materials, equipment and the natural world in ways that stimulate exploration and awareness of themselves as individuals and members of our preschool community.

We understand that learning environments can greatly influence outcomes, therefore we will work hard to plan stimulating and inviting play spaces that focus on provocations of learning upon which natural and sustainable materials are used.

We value our environment as the ‘third teacher’, an integral part of the curriculum. Behind educators and families, physical spaces hold the potential to influence what and how children can learn

Begin the Adventure at Parkwood Green Preschool

  • Warm homely classrooms
  • Large outdoor place space and natural bush outdoor space available
  • 3 and 4-year-old kindergarten programs
  • Personalised and individual support through our Family Support Facilitators
  • StoryPark account to help parents keep in touch with staff and keep track of their child’s development

Myrtle Group
• Monday & Wednesday: 8.30am - 4pm

Willow Group

• Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 9.30am - 2.30pm

Oak Group
• Tuesday & Thursday: 8.30am - 4pm

Wattle Group
• Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 9.15am - 2.15pm

Banksia Group

• Monday & Wednesday: 8.15am - 3.45pm

Elm Group

• Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 9.30am – 2.30pm

Pine Group

• Tuesday & Thursday: 8.30am - 4pm

We respect each child is an individual and develops at his/her own rate. We encourage families to have begun toilet training and will work to support their child’s development to promote a positive outcome.

Children do have toileting accidents on occasion, which are managed sensitively and discretely by educators. We ask each family to keep a complete change of clothes in their child’s bag in case children require changing. They’re also handy for when your child becomes thoroughly immersed in water play outside.

Our high-quality kindergarten program will offer your child a range of learning experiences and activities that are both stimulating and fun. We offer these in an open ended un hurried pace.

Your child’s learning and curiosity will be encouraged through experiences and activities, such as exploring the natural world, being exposed to new ideas and solving problems.

Your child will be able to learn to work with others and make friends through group activities and cooperative play, express their creativity, for example, through dance, movement and art, build their communication skills by listening to and having conversations with the educators and other children all the while developing the skills that they need for reading, writing and mathematics.

It’s important for children to engage in both structured and unstructured play.

Structure is happening incidentally all day long at Preschool- some examples of this are when children have to follow the rules in a game they are playing, or negotiate their turn on the bike.

Yes there are more formal opportunities for children to engage in a group song or story. Eat their lunch socially with a small group of children and follow a schedule of days events.

Families are valued as the child’s second educator, with the child being the first and the environment as the third. We seek families input in the educational program through building relationships and getting to know the whole family-

Families play an active role in our ‘enrolment sessions’ where they have the opportunity to inform educators about their child and discuss the development and learning specific to their child.

This information is gathered and used to plan our programs working with families to ensure that culture is alive throughout our whole service.

Melton City Council manages the central enrolment process by receiving the application and making the initial Kindergarten placement offer.

Sparkways Early Learning manages the enrolment process, by contacting the family to make session time preferences. Once your place at our kindergarten is confirmed through Melton City Council families are invited to a Parent information session or alternatively a tour (throughout the year) where you will be provided with an enrolment form, provide the service with current Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and meet the Teaching team.

Begin the Adventure at Parkwood Green Preschool

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